Three quick ways to make your CV stand out

Your Curriculum Vitae is a written representation of you in places that you have not physically become present in. It is important that gives a great impression of you and stands out on your behalf, representing your brand to prospective employers before they have a chance to meet you. With CVs typically having a similar format, it can be difficult to ensure yours stands out compared to others. Here are three quick ways to differentiate yours to others.

Focus on achievements instead of responsibilities when highlighting prior experience. Most people launch their previous experience role list with “Responsibilities include”, and then list a range of tasks they did. Focus more on what made you stand out in the role rather than the tasks when listing your responsibilities. For example, instead of writing “Organising customer files”, you may want to state “Proactively created a new filing system, improving ease of file access and reducing customer wait times by 15 minutes”. This helps to position the results you could bring to your new team.

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Tailor your CV to the company to demonstrate that you are proactive and have attention to detail. For example, instead of writing “Passionate and enthusiastic individual” in your personal statement, you may want to state “Passionate and enthusiastic Mathematics graduate seeking to further my career as an Actuary with Fulham and Fred Ltd”. This makes your CV feel less generic to the individual reviewing it, and shows that you have made some effort.

Name your CV appropriately to help recruiters find it. If you name your CV as just “Curriculum Vitae 2020” for example, your recruiter will save it along with many others with the same generic title. Change it to “Jane Smith Curriculum Vitae for Google” to enable recruiters to find it easily when they want to follow up with you. This takes no time at all, and shows consideration for recruiters who have multiple CVs for multiple roles to review.

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