LinkedIn Content Ideas

According to LinkedIn- LinkedIn Stories are a great way to start lightweight conversations related to your work-life. The stories that resonate well are professional in nature, and make it easy for people to respond.

Here are 11 content ideas you can start using today for your LinkedIn Stories:

1. Feature top industry leaders you admire and tell us why

2. News briefings on industry hot topics

3. Snapshots of your day- meetings, workload etc

4. Step by step-how to posts

5. Brief and quick insights into industry happenings

6. Snapshots of you doing the things you love- gardening, running, cooking- make it fun

7. Mentor through your stories-create quick 20 second videos that answer frequent questions from your mentees

8. Take the spotlight off you. Feature team mates & colleagues & share projects you’re working on

9. Show us how you typically start your day

10. Quotes & favourite lines from professional books

11. Ask for help- need tips on how to execute a project or recruit? Use stories to ask your network for advice

Does this sound like you? Are you serious about learning how to create content that has people sending you messages and questions about your professional expertise and services? Would you like professional help to achieve this?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then please apply here for a free 20 minute call with Glory here 

Glory Edozien is a LinkedIn Visibility Career Coach.She helps mid-senior level career women get visible on LinkedIn and other channels so they can get the recognition they deserve, access amazing career opportunities and position themselves as sought after experts and thought leaders in their fields.

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