Events: Career Spotlight With Lorraine Wright

To kick start the new year, last month we hosted our first ever event – and what a way to start. Our founders Winnie Annan-Forson and Bukola Bayo-Yusuf had the privilege of sitting down with Lorraine Wright.  

If you didn’t get the chance to catch the event, don’t fear! Here we break down some of Lorraine’s top tips which not only helped her to navigate the workplace, but also thrive, and in doing so becoming a director at UBS by at only 27.

Lorraine’s top tips:

  • Identify decision makers and be intentional about your circle of influence: Lorraine shared her insight on identifying key decision makers and identifying how you can relate to them. In identifying key people in your organisation, you may consider asking if they could mentor you.  Having a mentor is a great way of unlocking knowledge of senior colleagues who have been on the path you are on right now.   

  • Build relations with others: building on point one, relationship building whether it be in the workplace, university or in our personal lives is how we form connections with others as people – its what makes us human. Forming connections with people socially is a great way to network and build trust amongst your colleagues, particularly with those who are key decision makers within your organisation.

  • Focus on adding value: like any relationship, its important to focus on what you can bring to the table. What skills can you offer or how can you support your line manager? And how can you demonstrate the value you bring to the team. 

  • Visibility: working in the cooperate sector, Lorraine shared her insight on ‘playing the game’ and the importance of increasing your visibility in the workplace. If you aren’t sure what we mean by this, register for our event in April when Linked In expert, Glory Edozien, will be sharing her insight on building your brand and visibility at work.  

  • Learn who to respectfully challenge: be curious about the systems and process in your workplace and ask why something is done a particular way and share your insight on how you think something could be done differently in order to add value to the team or organisation. Respectfully learning to challenge the status quo can go a long way in helping you to stand out.

Her achievements weren’t down to luck. Arguably, it could be said that when two identities intersect there can be added pressures. However, listening to Lorraine speak with such passion, purpose and enthusiasm will offer such valuable insight on how to navigate those early years in your career journey.

Don’t take it from us, why not listen back and find out more

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