Six Top Tips on Turning your Passion Project into your Side Hustle

In May 2021, we had the pleasure of having three amazing speakers on the panel of our inspirational event to tell us all about how they turned their passion projects into side hustles. According to Micro Biz Mag, 25% of people in the UK claim to have a side hustle.

Side hustles are increasingly becoming a popular way to make additional income, and it was amazing to have three successful side hustlers, Tomi IbirogbaDebodun Osekita and Eloise Anima Ofori join us to share some hints and lessons from their journey.

Our six biggest takeaways from our speakers were as follows:

Think about what you can learn from your day job: Eloise talked about how skills and capabilities from her day job helped her to learn how to structure her charity, Anima Youth. Capitalising skills and capabilities that are transferrable from your paid employment is a great way to elevate your skills and amplify your impact.

Start small and keep improving things: Debodun talked about starting Stockpicker’s Academy as a WhatsApp group, growing into a discord, and then onto Telegram before starting Zoom sessions and then creating a course. This journey took five years, and he emphasised the importance of starting small and building on the impact of your side hustle as it grows.

Act on your frustration: Tomi spoke about how her inspiration for My Career Couch came from her own challenging job search and how her understanding of international job searchers was inspired by her experience. Think about what frustrations you currently have and how your experiences could help others who have a similar challenge.

Focus on your personal brand and how people perceive you: Debodun mentioned how being transparent on his trades helped to build loyalty with his following, and credibility as a subject matter expert. He also said his ability to be funny helped with social media engagement and networking. What elements of your passions and personal brand can lend well to your side hustle?

Just sell something: Eloise encouraged us to think about something small we can sell, even if it is an e-book for £0.99. She mentioned that starting with something small is a great way to test the waters and establish a demand for your business.

Start with your friends and family: Tomi spoke about how her friends and family benefitted from her services from the beginning and how she harnessed the impact to support others in a similar position. This was the foundation for My Career Couch, and she is now able to help many others by building a credible success story.

We are sure you agree that our speakers have shared many helpful tips, and we have certainly taken a lot from the points they raised.

If you would like to learn more about how Tomi, Eloise and Debodun turned their passion projects into side hustles, click here to watch the replay of our Passion Project to Side Hustle event on our YouTube channel.

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