How To Make Your CV Stand Out

There is no shortage of information on how to make your CV stand out. With so much information out there, how can you find practical, easy to digest tips that will support you to develop a CV that will truly stand out?

For our second event of 2022, we were joined by our very own Tina Marfo, with over 15 years’ experience in HR and talent & development.  She is passionate in helping others to land their dream role as well as develop and grow throughout their professional life. 

If you missed the event, fear not for here we break down some of the key takeaways and share some insider tips that you can apply to your CV right away. 

  1. Tailor your CV – there is no such thing as one size fits all. Every organisation is different, therefore the requirements and the candidate they are looking for will be unique to the organisation.
  2. Grammar and spelling matter – Tina dispelled a common myth whereby applicants may think that typo’s, spelling and grammar doesn’t matter and are to be expected – this is not true. Before hitting the send button, complete a detailed check of your CV and cover letter.  Recruiters spot these mistakes and categorise you as unprofessional, thereby eliminating you as a potential candidate.     
  3. Be your own cheerleader – your CV is a sales and marketing tool.  Shout out about your achievements, skills, strengths, unique selling points and testimonials. Recruiters are time poor and are always looking for candidates who stand out. It’s important you highlight your success and get them to purchase what your selling – that’s you!
  4. Personal statement – now we’ve identified that it’s important to market yourself, here’s where we spill the tea how.  Your personal statement is your brand, keep it short, punchy and 3-4 sentences max, outlining how you align to the role and the value you can bring.  To bring it to life we are sharing 3 of Tina’s own personal stand-out statements.  

A motivated and driven business student looking to gain employment within the finance sector

A recent Business Economics graduate with a 2:1 honours degree from University of X, looking to secure a Graduate Commercial Analysis position to use and further develop my analytical skills and knowledge in a practical and fast-paced environment. My career goal is to assume a role which allows me to take responsibility for the analysis and interpretation of commercial data and actively contribute to the overall success of a well-respected financial company

An ambitious, hard working and motivated individual looking to secure next role in media sector.

A Junior Digital Marketer with demonstrable success in overseeing and coordinating the end to end digital marketing lifecycle through defining target audiences and utilising PPC, SEO and content marketing strategies. Technically proficient with sound communication and relationship management skills to deliver engaging digital marketing and social media solutions to drive business growth, sales and performance. Looking for my next step up role with a leading digital agency to aid client growth and further develop my digital skillset

I am an experienced, dedicated and successful Sales Manager

An experienced Sales Manager whose tenacious and proactive approach results in numerous contract wins. My ability to develop client relationship has resulted in 18% increase in business renewals for my current organisation. I’m seeking a Senior Sales Manager role in a Tech start-up to add commercial value to the company.

  1. Optimising your CV for Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – ATS software is a popular tool that many recruiters use to filter CV’s so it’s important you use keywords throughout your CV to ensure the software picks up your CV. ATS prefers word, so keep it simple – the software is unable to pick up pictures, tables, or graphics. Most importantly avoid jargon or acronyms, the software will not pick this up.  

    If you are interested in hearing more from Tina, why not listen back to her session here and find out much more than we could pack into this short blog post. 

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